Baseball Field

Baseball, Softball, T-ball, Little League

Just Off Route 460 in Shawsville, VA

Grass infield, 90 ft bases, 310 ft at the left and right lines and 330 ft to center field. 2 dugouts. Seating is on the hillside, or spectators bring their own chairs for the sidelines. Baseball fields are unlighted. Fenced all around, and gated for ticketed events. Parking lot located nearby. Renter provides Porta Potties as needed.

Parking and Seating

The parking lot serving both fields has 80 parking spaces. The baseball field has hillside seating.


Conveniently located immediately off of Rt. 460 in Shawsville. Hale's restaurant, Subway, gas stations, Dollar General, Meadowbrook Library, Waldron Wellness Center and Meadowbrook Center located within ½ mile.

To schedule your event, please check availability on the field calendar and then fill out the Reservation Request form, both below.


Groups wishing to rent the fields must have insurance and will be required to provide proof of insurance policy.


For the first few months, we will to work with groups on the rental rates. Please request time using the form below the calendar and we will contact you.

Baseball Field Calendar

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